Ek Main Aur Ek Tu

♡ On the 28th February 1981 a very special somebody was born. The somebody is nobody else but the AMAZING §håhïÐ kåþððr ♡ He has so much talent... His dancing..... His acting♡! From the moment Ishq Vishq was released we knew that he was going to become a major superstar one day and he hasn’t disappointed us! Shahid is such a very inspirational actor, nobody can replace him ever. I will support him to the very end and I will always wish him the best at everything he ever does♡ So this is my blog dedicated to him. I will be blogging pictures of him and the majority of my photos are edited by me ♡ForeverProudShanatic♡ The End :)  ◕‿◕ BumbleBee Buzzing



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